Tips and Tricks on Reverse Image Searches

There are many cases in which you might want to find the origin of a picture or location it was taken at. Whether the target of your investigations posts images on social media or you are just participating in the Quiztime quizzes on Twitter, a good understanding of how search engines can help you locate the exact position of these images or guide you to … Continue reading Tips and Tricks on Reverse Image Searches

Introduction to OSINT Video

Micah was very lucky to meet and get to work with the talented Ritu Gill, (@OSINTTechniques). At the recent Trace Labs (@TraceLabs) and SANS (@SANSDefense) Missing Persons CTF in Washington DC, we both noticed that many people wanted to participate but had no idea how to get started. After a few discussions, we decided to make an Introduction to OSINT video. Continue reading Introduction to OSINT Video