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Past Webcasts

This is a list of all webcasts of the past. For each web cast there is an extract of topics, to help you find that one particular webcast you might be looking for. Click on the date to go to the dedicated page for the webcast, with more information, all the sources mentioned during the recording and of course a link to the webcast itself.

20191006 – #22

Guest: Lorand Bodo (lorandbodo)

  • Rae Baker (wondersmith_rae) Maritime OSINT blog
  • Michael Bazzell (inteltechniques) Extreme Privacy book
  • GIJN investigation guide
  • OSINT Curious Instagram blog post

20190922 – #21

  • News: AirBnb Reverse OSINT, OSINT psychology and Bias
  • Live Demo: OSINT documentation using XMind Mindmapping software, Instant Data Scraper & Maltego Casefile

20190908 – #20

Guest: Somdev Sangwan (s0md3v)

  • Interview with Somdev Sangwan
  • Facebook dating features
  • Trump tweets image from satellite about Iran
  • Derbycon OSINT CTF

20190825 – #19

Guest: Tracy Maleeff (InfoSherpa)

  • Interview with Tracy Maleeff
  • Brief discussion of Facebook searches
  • Twint update
  • More OSINT Tools!

20190728 – #18

Guest: Eoghan Sweeney (OsintEssentials)

  • Interview with Eoghan Sweeney
  • Discussion on OSINT tools for Instagram
  • Bitcoin explorer tool
  • Lorand Bodo’s OSINTCurious blog post

20190721 – #17 – SPECIAL

  • The OSINT Curious Project team interviewed 3 people from Trace Labs.

20190714 – #16

  • Reverse image search
  • Blog post on searching for content by date in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • OSINT conferences in the US and Europe
  • OSINT.team back online

20190630 – #15

Guest: Katelyn Bowden (badassbowden)

  • Interview with Katelyn Bowden
  • Tiktok searching
  • OSINT mentoring/mentorship
  • Facebook ads

20190616 – #14

Guest: Steve Harris (nixintel)

  • Interview with OSINTer Steve Harris
  • Facebook graph search changes
  • Inteltechniques.com tools going behind pay-wall
  • Pipl.com free searches stopping

20190602 – #13

  • Discussion of Facebook searches
  • Reddit tools and techniques
  • Facial and voice recognition for OSINT
  • Using RTL-SDR in OSINT

20190519 – #12

Guest: Matthias Wilson (MW-OSINT)

  • Interview with MW-OSINT
  • Discussion of “OSINT For Good” cause “TheBadass_Army”
  • Dark Web sites that have been seized or are back online.
  • Ethical discussion about using breach data

20190505 – #11

Guest: Daniel Clemens (DanielClemens_)

  • Calculating distances in photos
  • Changes in covert and open intelligence gethering
  • Publicly available traffic fine information
  • ShadowDragon and DeliverFund

20190428 – #10

  • FreshOnions is back
  • Bellingcat on the Poway synagogue shooters manifesto
  • Emailrep.io
  • Docker’s breach and the possible consequences for OSINT researchers

20190407 – #9

Guest: Chris Kubecka (SecEvangelism)

  • The Grugq on influencing public opinions
  • Operations security in public places
  • Chinese woman arrested in regard to USB stick with malware at Mar a Lago
  • Uprising of ‘deepfakes’
  • Announcement of BSides Amsterdam 2019

20190324 – #8

  • Facebook passwords in cleartext
  • Bellingcat article on LinkedIn investigations
  • 10 Minute tip on breach data
  • New sites with generated fake content

20190310 – #7

Guest: Justin Seitz (jms_dot_py)

  • Open source leads
  • The Onion Scan
  • Guides on blockchain investigations
  • Search Engine Colossus

20190224 – #6

  • Paul Myers his research into Facebook Graphs
  • The start of 10 minute tips
  • Fast Image Research tool
  • Analysis on ThisPersonDoesNotExist

20190210 – #5

  • Hunch.ly webinar
  • Using OSINT for your persoanl threat model
  • Write-up on the Spying Challenge
  • Open corporates and German company data
  • WebBreacher’s WhatsMyName

20190127 – #4

  • A new metadata analysis platform
  • Hacked and dumped records with plaintext passwords
  • Some instagram information gathering and scraping tools
  • How to use RSS feeds for OSINT purposes
  • The new release of the OSINT operating system Buscador by Inteltechniques.com
  • And the osint webinar by Justin Seitz on advanced social media information gathering

20190120 – #3

  • Tools for looking up social media posts on maps
  • How to look up usernames with scripts like WhatsMyName and Sherlock
  • How to find a Instagram user ID

20190113 – #2

  • Justin Seitz his blog on OSINT tenacity
  • How Facebook tracks your mouse movements
  • A new platform fighting Business Email Compromise related to fraud
  • Google dorking and passports
  • How to search yourself online
  • And how how to find subreddits

20190106 – #1

  • How it started
  • Recognizing fake generated AI images
  • Trace Labs missing persons CTF
  • Randhom OSINT Guide
  • Remove.bg