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Dressed NOT for Success

Guest blog by PaulSin95038741 Below follows an OSINT approach on how to search/identify clothes that you see online. Spoiler alert. This presentation will be different in that we will not find a clear-cut solution as opposed to many OSINT-articles presented by the OSINT Curious team. Never the less, in my opinion, a very important one. Background I’d say that most of us OSINT-people are very … Continue reading Dressed NOT for Success

Vicarious trauma and OSINT – a practical guide

To be clear, online OSINT investigations can cause trauma, severe trauma. This is something that people rarely talk about and it’s highly underestimated by many.  Let’s face it a lot of OSINT analysts, online investigators, and investigative journalists expose themselves a lot to all the horrors this world has to offer. War, child abuse, and terrorism are just a few subjects. Each of these subjects … Continue reading Vicarious trauma and OSINT – a practical guide