Investigation Bias

For the past years, we have seen a growth in OSINT investigations and they have played a pivotal role in raising accountability and showing journalists, human rights investigators and government officials, among others, on the potential of using open source information in their activities. However, as the community grows and more and more people are conducting OSINT investigations, it is natural that more mistakes are … Continue reading Investigation Bias

close up photography of magnifying glass

Dressed NOT for Success

Guest blog by PaulSin95038741 Below follows an OSINT approach on how to search/identify clothes that you see online. Spoiler alert. This presentation will be different in that we will not find a clear-cut solution as opposed to many OSINT-articles presented by the OSINT Curious team. Never the less, in my opinion, a very important one. Background I’d say that most of us OSINT-people are very … Continue reading Dressed NOT for Success

Vicarious trauma and OSINT – a practical guide

To be clear, online OSINT investigations can cause trauma, severe trauma. This is something that people rarely talk about and it’s highly underestimated by many.  Let’s face it a lot of OSINT analysts, online investigators, and investigative journalists expose themselves a lot to all the horrors this world has to offer. War, child abuse, and terrorism are just a few subjects. Each of these subjects … Continue reading Vicarious trauma and OSINT – a practical guide