Are you interested in showing how OSINT Curious you are and participating in this project? We would love the help and have a variety of methods for people to step-up and assist.

Attend Our Webinars

Be in the audience for our bi-weekly webinars/webcasts. Ask questions. Hear the recording live and catch bits that get editted out before production. Details on the webinar are on the Web and Podcast Page.

Contribute to our OSINTCurious Blog

Come, be a guest blogger! Here are the guidelines for sharing OSINT curiosity through guest blog posts.

1.    Don’t just tell us you’re interested in blogging, send us a whole blog post! We’ll review it and let you know if/when it’ll show up on our site.

2.    Alongside your post, send us 2-3 sentences about yourself, answering the question “what makes you OSINTCurious?” Don’t forget to include your Twitter handle if you have one!

3.   @OSINTCurious we’re particularly interested in case studies, how-to-guides and tool-specific blog posts, but if you have another idea, please send it. Keep in mind that we value high quality and over quantity.

4.    When you send us your blog post, we assume that it is being offered exclusively and has not been published in any form elsewhere.

5.    If you want to use someone else’s content or code, please make sure that you don’t violate any copyrights and properly cite the person’s work by including references in your blog post.

6.    Lastly, your blog post will undergo a ‘peer review’. So, we may edit your blog post; however, we will not publish it if you are not happy with the edits.

Submit Your Ideas

We have a form for submitting talk ideas, 10 Minute Tip video requests, and OSINT questions to be answered. Fill it out! You can also use #OSINTCurious on Twitter and tweet to us!

Help Us Financially

We love creating blogs, videos, and podcasts to share with the OSINT community. As we mature and grow, our financial needs grow too. Whether it is upgrading our webcast platform to enable attendees to participate in our regular webcasts or just buying stickers and such…it costs. If you can spare some money to help us continue to provide OSINT content, we’d appreciate it.

We set up a Patreon site at where you can, if you like the content we provide, help support our project. We appreciate all our listeners, readers, and contributors.