Making Sense of OSINT Cell Tower Data for DFIR

For OSINT and digital forensic practitioners, we can grab cell phone tower information from the mobile devices we image and cross-reference those towers with the tower’s physical location. When we combine this data with the date and time of the device owner’s activities, we can better understand where the device (and the owner) were at given times. Continue reading Making Sense of OSINT Cell Tower Data for DFIR

Welcome to the Community!

Welcome to OSINTCurious, a place for investigators and journalists, private investigators and intelligence officers, recruiters and everyone that is passionate (or at least curious about) Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and investigations. While sitting around a table and chatting about what a great OSINT community is growing in pockets on the internet, some of us realized that there was a piece missing from our community. We … Continue reading Welcome to the Community!