The OSINT Puppeteer

When doing OSINT research, especially on social networking platforms, it’s important to use a fake profile, or what we like to call a sock puppet for operational security reasons. On this week’s blog, we want to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to build a good sock puppet…for research purposes. Crafting a ‘sock’ Before you create a sock, let’s have a moment … Continue reading The OSINT Puppeteer

Thank you phisher

First, let me shortly introduce myself; My name is Technisette (yes, that’s a nickname, not a sock puppet), Dutch, 30+, female and have been working in the infosec business for the last 10 years. I’d like to tell you how I became OSINT curious. I wasn’t always ‘OSINTcurious’. Of course there was always a little curiosity in me, but there was one incident which really lit … Continue reading Thank you phisher