Combing Through Video Faster Using DFIR and OSINT Skills

Guest blog post by Jeff Lomas (@BleuBloodHound). Jeff is a detective and digital forensic examiner for a large metropolitan police department in Las Vegas where he has worked for the past 11 years. Jeff executes search warrants on every imaginable digital devices for other detectives and turns the data extracted from these devices into actionable intelligence for other investigators. Introduction Digital forensics or DFIR investigations … Continue reading Combing Through Video Faster Using DFIR and OSINT Skills

Google Dorks

The term ‘Google dorks’ has been around for quite some years by now and is used for specific search queries that use Google’s search operators, combined with targeted parameters to find specific information. And in the webcast/podcast of early December we reached out to the listeners, to send us your favourite Google Dork. We grouped the dorks by the type of target information that it … Continue reading Google Dorks

Geometry in Image Forensics

The other day I was tagged in a conversation between @WebBreacher and Nick Furneaux, where Nick asked whether it would be possible to calculate the position of a person within a photo. A quick search on the internet returned multiple blogs and websites with calculations based on the size of the camera sensor. But this would only work if an original and uncropped photo was … Continue reading Geometry in Image Forensics

Certificates: The OSINT Gift that Keeps on Giving…

What are certificates? Everybody on the internet uses certificates, or public key certificates, whether you are aware of it or not. Certificates are documents that can provide proof of an identity, for instance a web server that is claiming its identity to your browser. These public keys can be used for encrypting data that is sent via, for instance, a connection over HTTPS but they … Continue reading Certificates: The OSINT Gift that Keeps on Giving…

Thank you dad

I am Sector035 and it is time to introduce myself here too. I am a Windows/Linux system admin, security officer and part time OSINT  enthusiast. Since there were already a few ‘thank you’ posts on OSINTCurious where some of us wrote how we got sucked into the world of open source investigations, I decided to do the same. And for me there can only be … Continue reading Thank you dad