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Dressed NOT for Success

Guest blog by PaulSin95038741 Below follows an OSINT approach on how to search/identify clothes that you see online. Spoiler alert. This presentation will be different in that we will not find a clear-cut solution as opposed to many OSINT-articles presented by the OSINT Curious team. Never the less, in my opinion, a very important one. Background I’d say that most of us OSINT-people are very … Continue reading Dressed NOT for Success

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7 Foundations of OSINT

This is a guest blog written by Bosintblanc of the NCPTF. Open-source intelligence is a fascinating discipline with many intricate moving pieces. I have strived to learn all that I can. As I have done that I realized that part of what makes OSINT difficult to teach and learn is that it is made up of many individually complex topics which one could devote an … Continue reading 7 Foundations of OSINT

Getting your sock puppet connections on LinkedIn

Guest blog by Michael Paulie. Throughout investigations, working ongoing missing persons cases with organizations like Trace Labs, or having fun with CTFs, LinkedIn can be a valuable source of information on people of interest.  Information including email addresses, phone numbers, work locations and friends, family, and colleagues are just some of the data that can be obtained to pivot off of.  However, unless you have … Continue reading Getting your sock puppet connections on LinkedIn

Discord OSINT

Investigating Discord: A Primer

Guest blog by BOsintBlanc. Discord for the uninitiated is a group chat service in the vein of Telegram, Whatsapp, or IRC (if you’re that old ;-P). Channels are set up as ‘servers’ usually based around a shared topic of interest. As of 2020 Discord had over 300 million registered users (source) and that number does not appear to be dwindling any time soon. What does … Continue reading Investigating Discord: A Primer

Don’t Hesitate, Isolate (Your Virtual Machine)

Guest blog post by Jeff Lomas (@BleuBloodHound). There have been several excellent virtual machines (VMs) designed to assist in OSINT assessments including popular VMs such as Tsurugi Linux (OSINT and digital forensics) and Trace Labs’ OSINT VM. While these are great tools for conducting OSINT assessments it is also important to configure them to protect your host system. What is Isolation? Before we go down … Continue reading Don’t Hesitate, Isolate (Your Virtual Machine)

Introduction to Researching Foreign Influence in the US

Guest blog by Amine G. As an OSINT professional, researching US-based entities (individual and otherwise) is both a curse and a blessing. It is a curse because the US public records landscape is undoubtedly one of the most fragmented given that rules governing their disclosure are hyper-localized — varying from State to State and County to County. A blessing because if an entity – short … Continue reading Introduction to Researching Foreign Influence in the US

Combing Through Video Faster Using DFIR and OSINT Skills

Guest blog post by Jeff Lomas (@BleuBloodHound). Jeff is a detective and digital forensic examiner for a large metropolitan police department in Las Vegas where he has worked for the past 11 years. Jeff executes search warrants on every imaginable digital devices for other detectives and turns the data extracted from these devices into actionable intelligence for other investigators. Introduction Digital forensics or DFIR investigations … Continue reading Combing Through Video Faster Using DFIR and OSINT Skills

Google Dorks

The term ‘Google dorks’ has been around for quite some years by now and is used for specific search queries that use Google’s search operators, combined with targeted parameters to find specific information. And in the webcast/podcast of early December we reached out to the listeners, to send us your favourite Google Dork. We grouped the dorks by the type of target information that it … Continue reading Google Dorks