Basics of Breach Data

Guest blog by Rob Volkert In 2018 there were reportedly 1,244 data breaches totaling over 446 million exposed records, primarily targeting the business sector and health care fields. Cyber security systems may be growing more sophisticated, but so too are attacks designed to collect personal data. There may be a silver lining to breach data for those of us who conduct open source intelligence (OSINT) … Continue reading Basics of Breach Data

Thank you for not paying your bill….

Hiya….I go by ‘Ginsberg5150’. I love the poetry of Allen Ginsberg and 5150 is…well…you figure that one out. I live in Kansas City. I got started in OSINT through Debt Collections. I know, weird connection. I used to be a collection agent. It was not the greatest job in the world. It kept food on the table and my family taken care of. What it … Continue reading Thank you for not paying your bill….