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Muting the Twitter algorithm and using basic search operators for better OSINT research

In July 2019 Twitter had some updates to their interface, search-URLs and overall user-experience. They changed a lot of things in the background which made the user-experience for researchers less useful. Actually a tweet thread started by @thegrugq inspired me to write this blog. With this blog you can take a few basic steps to bring back the user experience of “the old” Twitter like … Continue reading Muting the Twitter algorithm and using basic search operators for better OSINT research

Live Streams

We would love to interact more with you. That’s why we are live streaming. You can join us LIVE via LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, or YouTube. So, make sure to follow us on our socials: LinkedIn – Twitter/Periscope – Twitch – YouTube – Our live streams are recorded and available on our YouTube channel at Continue reading Live Streams

Webcast 20200920 – #43

This week’s guest is Emmanuelle Welch (@frenchpi) Emmanuelle Welch is a Licensed Private Investigator, Certified Fraud Examiner, and owner of French Connection Research, a private investigative agency in Brooklyn, NY, licensed in New York and Washington, DC. She specializes in white-collar crime investigations, cross-Atlantic litigation support and OSINT analysis. She integrates dating and hook-up apps into all types of investigations and maintains a directory: … Continue reading Webcast 20200920 – #43

Maritime Live Stream Notes 4/1/21

After an exciting week where the whole world was tracking the EVER GIVEN, the large container ship stuck in the Suez Canal, we put together a live stream to discuss Maritime OSINT! In this stream, we talked about various ways to track the movements of vessels large and small. We also talked about ways to use social media, job boards, real-estate, and shipspotting sites to … Continue reading Maritime Live Stream Notes 4/1/21

Webcast 20200726 – #41

This week’s special guest Inês Naricso (@IWN_LX) – Ines worked in the Portuguese Intelligence Service for 12 years. She started up doing OSINT in 2008 and later became an OSINT and online undercover operations project manager. In 2019, she joined Iscte Iul a Lisbon University where she teaches Digital Methods and conducts research on disinformation. Since then, she’s also built a company that uses OSINT … Continue reading Webcast 20200726 – #41

Webcast 20200322 – #32

People in this Episode Micah Hoffman (WebBreacher) Nico (Dutch_Osintguy) Matthias Wilson (MWOsint) Nixintel Lorand Bodo (Lorandbodo) Rae Baker (wondersmith_rae) Kirby Plessas (kirbstr) Special guest: Chris Poulter (@osintcombine) and more info on Links to what we discussed OSINT Combine’s talk at the #sansosintsummit Nixintel spots fake Twitter accounts blog DeepL is a topnotch translation tool, which is now offering support for Chinese and … Continue reading Webcast 20200322 – #32

Webcast 20201129 – #48

In this episode Micah, Nico, and Ritu discuss the latest news in the world of OSINT In this episode, we have an interesting panel discussion for you. Micah, Nico, and Ritu discuss when to venture into the Dark Web in investigations and discuss processes. People in this Episode Micah Hoffman (@WebBreacher) Nico Dekens (@dutch_osintguy) Ritu Gill (@OSINTTechniques) Links to what we discussed Nico is tracking … Continue reading Webcast 20201129 – #48

Webcast 20190630 – #15

People in this episode: Ginsberg5150 Nico, Dutch_Osintguy Kirby Plessas (Voice only) Technisette (Voice only) Sector035 (Voice only) And our special guest Katelyn Bowden (@badassbowden) Links to things we discussed: Twitter getting rid of “precise geotagging”: New blog post by Daniel Miessler about Amass: Link to the GitHub repo: New search tool for TikTok: DarkLight, a Dark web scraper: With an … Continue reading Webcast 20190630 – #15