Introduction to OSINT Video

Micah was very lucky to meet and get to work with the talented Ritu Gill, (@OSINTTechniques). At the recent Trace Labs (@TraceLabs) and SANS (@SANSDefense) Missing Persons CTF in Washington DC, we both noticed that many people wanted to participate but had no idea how to get started. After a few discussions, we decided to make an Introduction to OSINT video.

The brief video, posted below, highlights the following areas of OSINT:

  • How to start your research
  • User name searching
  • Using frameworks and flowcharts
  • People searching using emails and phone numbers
  • Using Google advanced search operators
  • Reverse image search
  • Saving your data

Each of the above areas is briefly discussed so as to get you on your way to OSINTing quickly.

2 thoughts on “Introduction to OSINT Video

  1. This was awesome! I didn’t know the reverse image search was working so well (I never quite thought about this until I did this). I used it on a video game and the algorithm looks amazing!

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