The OSINT Puppeteer

When doing OSINT research, especially on social networking platforms, it’s important to use a fake profile, or what we like to call a sock puppet for operational security reasons. On this week’s blog, we want to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to build a good sock puppet…for research purposes. Crafting a ‘sock’ Before you create a sock, let’s have a moment … Continue reading The OSINT Puppeteer

How I became OSINT curious

Hi! I’m the blue teamer of the group. I like boot cut jeans, application security, and incident response. I also like to phish. Open Source Intelligence (or OSINT) is not something I use on a daily basis. Well, at least not in how you would expect it to be used. I was introduced to OSINT back in the early 2000s. I was an Electronics Technician … Continue reading How I became OSINT curious

Python, Your Friendly OSINT Helper

Ho ho ho and…Merry Christmas! It’s #OSINTuesday, and here’s our first blog post: Python, Your Friendly OSINT Helper! On this week’s blog, we have three smaller blog posts, each of which discusses Python in relation to OSINT. In the first one, Lorand briefly highlights some advantages and disadvantages of automating OSINT with Python and provides useful online learning resources. In the second blog post, @WebBreacher … Continue reading Python, Your Friendly OSINT Helper

Thanks Ransomware Jerks!

Hi my name is Josh, I’m an OSINT analyst for the financial industry, digital forensics analyst, and former private investigator.   I remember the day I realized that I wanted to get into information security and ultimately became OSINT curious. This story goes back to my management days of running a helpdesk for a retail chain.  One of my workers told me there was an upset … Continue reading Thanks Ransomware Jerks!

Blog Topics and Schedules

Hello #OSINT community! Thank you for your amazing support! We’re all working very hard to make OSINTCurious a success! This is just a short explainer on what you can expect from our blog and most importantly when and how often we will publish. We’ve decided to introduce weekly topics that are presented and discussed in our blog posts. So, every #OSINTuesday at 1500 GMT a … Continue reading Blog Topics and Schedules

Thank you phisher

First, let me shortly introduce myself; My name is Technisette (yes, that’s a nickname, not a sock puppet), Dutch, 30+, female and have been working in the infosec business for the last 10 years. I’d like to tell you how I became OSINT curious. I wasn’t always ‘OSINTcurious’. Of course there was always a little curiosity in me, but there was one incident which really lit … Continue reading Thank you phisher

Clicking shit for OSINT curious purposes

Hi, my name is Dutch_OsintGuy. Why? Well… I am Dutch, I do OSINT and I am a Guy. I’ve been in the infosec field for over 20 years as an All Source Analyst specialized in Open Source Intelligence. I teach OSINT classes, give lectures and talks about OSINT. When I think of it, basically I just eat, sleep and breathe OSINT 24/7. Clicking shit Automatically … Continue reading Clicking shit for OSINT curious purposes

Thank you dad

I am Sector035 and it is time to introduce myself here too. I am a Windows/Linux system admin, security officer and part time OSINT  enthusiast. Since there were already a few ‘thank you’ posts on OSINTCurious where some of us wrote how we got sucked into the world of open source investigations, I decided to do the same. And for me there can only be … Continue reading Thank you dad